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Taking High Seas

feel the life that brings you happiness

Tees To Die For

Since I’m in college where everything seems chaotic, nobody, i mean zero percent of students cannot find time for themselves coz their schedule is too damn hectic!!! but i found a way to still look fashionable even if your’e explicitly unconscious that your soul is gone!! (what?)…

what I’m talking about are graphic tees!!! all you have to do is wear it and your done LOL!!!

this time i am going to show you a top that i got from a thrift store, it was a graphic lion (not sure if it is, LOL) tee, and it was love at first site! and at second site! surprisingly it was just 120php!!!

so here it is! enjoy!!!

i love the tee and beanie combo!

Featuring my new girlfriend top! AuRoara!!! 

September 15

This day was a blast!!! I had fun celebrating my birthday with my closest friends and family, they made my birthday very special… 

Now that I’m 18 i could surely experience the vivid site of reality, well it is indeed challenging but what the heck! Still, life goes on…and on…and on (lol).

button down: from my kuyas closet

mustard shorts

docks: Sebago


FRIDAY the 13th!

for the first time our college (college of fine arts) had an acquaintance party!!! people were so excited about it. No doubt it was explicit!! here are some photos of the event :) image




And off course the day is not complete without showing you my outfit…




what i’m wearing :

tee: H&M

dungarees : thrifted

shoes: DR> MARTENS

beanie: penshoppe

sunnies: Ray ban